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EnergyLab Single Channel Potentiostat
Single Channel
  • APPS-Lab series: Built of Solartron ModuLab-platform to provide highest accuracy and bandwidth for EIS measurements
  • PARSTAT-series: widest range of DC and AC measurements as standard
  • VersaSTAT-series: Popular option-based platform
PARSTAT MC Multichannel Potentiostat

Multi-Channel Potentiostats

  • CELLTEST: high current multichannel test system that integrates with Solartron FRAs for EIS analysis
  • PARSTAT MC-series: robust, expandable platform with mix-and-match channels for tailored solutions
Scanning Electrochemical Systems

Scanning Techniques

  • Expandable platform adds another dimension to analysis of non-uniform samples
  • Localized techniques include SECM, AC-SECM, LEIS, SVET, SKP, SDC, OSP and exclusive offering of VS-STYLUS through innovation partnership with EPFL 
ModuLab MTS XM Materials Test System

Materials Analysis and PhotoElectrochemistry

  • Both Time Domain (DC) and Frequency Domain (AC) measurements in a single instrument Options of sample holders, cryostats, furnaces extend range of tests
  • Photoelectrochemical test system bundle for DSSC and IPCE studies

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