Ancillary Equipment

  • 1900 Impedance Matching Transformer

    • Selectable ratio
    • Very low noise
    • Single-ended inputs and outputs
    • Matching devices with low source impedances to measuring instruments with medium to high input impedances
    • High T superconductor impedance measurements
    • Increasing sensitivity of Model 5113 Preamplifier
    The model 1900 low-noise impedance matching transformer is a versatile device for matching sources with impedances in the range from less than 50 Ω to greater than 500 Ω to measuring instuments with high input impedance and offers two turns ratios of 1:100 or 1:1000. The frequency response depends on both the turns ratio and the source impedance, but under optimum conditions will be essentially flat from below 0.1 Hz to above 2 kHz.

    The unit is supplied with a special low-noise double-screened coaxial cable fitted with two BNC plugs to connect its output to the following instrument.

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  • 3830 Multiplexer

    • Six BNC connectors for inputs and/or outputs
    • Reed-relay DPST switching
    • LED indicators show relays that are energized
    • Complete with software for control from Windows XP/Vista
    • USB interface for power and control
    • ActiveX control for use with LabVIEW, C++, Visual Basic, and VBA
    • Input and output signal multiplexing
    • Computerized test systems
    The Model 3830 Multiplexer (mux) makes it easy to implement computer-selected interconnections between different instruments.

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